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Institutional Distinctiveness

Sports infrastructure for community health

    The college has a campus of nearly 22.5 acres and has very good sports infrastructure facilities. The optimum utilization of sport infrastructure is thought to be achieved through a social cause and hence our college, in consultation with management, has decided to utilize our resources through a distinct activity named as “Sports Infrastructure for Community Health”. The activity was initiated with an objective to provide sports infrastructure to different stakeholders and the local community. This will help to boost the mind set and create health awareness for better quality life. The activity will foster and promote cordial relationship among the stakeholders. The college not only allows utilization of sports infrastructure but also organizes workshops on physiotherapy, mental health and nutrition for senior citizens. Nowadays when society is facing space problem and not having suitable infrastructure in the city, the activity has become an essential and add-on facility for local community. To help the senior citizens, to understand the minor health problems of the aged and help them lessen their pains and emotional stress, the college also conducts workshop on ‘Importance of health awareness for various age groups’ with special emphasis on the problems of old age and the ways to minimize them through proper guidance.

Programs for Senior citizens :

    We know that though there is advancement in the medical science today, the life expectancy has been increasing resulting in the phenomenon of ‘population ageing’. This significant rise in the number of senior citizens and their proper health care and privileges for them are matters of great concern and challenge before us. By keeping this view in mind, the college has initiated this activity that can assist common people and contribute towards this noble task. The college provides infrastructure for such services which helps to create awareness of healthy living among the parents, teachers and students and stakeholders and the community in the vicinity.Need-based community health awareness programmes are planned through this activity. As a part of this practice non-formal classes of stakeholders, are conducted frequently by Physical director and supporting staff. This practice includes, discussion on healthy diet, food nutrient values, importance of walking, running, exercise, yoga, meditation, Surya Namaskar, specific treatment on minor individual health problems and remedy such valuable practices are performed through this practice. 54 senior citizens and 37 middle age persons were provided with proper physiotherapy techniques for the relief from muscle problems. It has extended a helping hand to the aged citizens of the local and surrounding areas, and has also created a sense of responsibility and respect towards the aged people.

Infrastructure for Civil Service aspirants, local players and Covid-19 patients:

    Our playground is made available to people for morning walk. Local players are given permission to play games like Volley-ball, baseball, cricket and football with a condition of maintaining discipline. Many of the civil service aspirants especially for MPSC (PSI) and Army recruitment use our 400 M running track for regular practice and workout. During Covid-19 pandemic girl’s hostel of the college was converted as a COVID care center. Near about 1200 patients have got advantage of this facility. Gymnasium hall as well as and sport ground was also utilized by these patients. Evidence of success is positive feedback from the community who has availed the facility. The alumni, faculty and the employees have always been benefited for maintaining their good health. The optimum utilization of sport infrastructure is done through this activity. This practice has certainly made a positive impact on the senior citizens and had also improved our enrollment ratio. The alumni, faculty and physical director have always been generous enough to support this activity. The college has extended this activity for students from NSS, NCC and others to realize their responsibility towards the senior citizens.

Views of Stakeholders 

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