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S.S.G.M. College, Kopargaon


To generate academic, scientific temper, physical, spiritual, social and cultural values among the students and to make them self reliant through self help to be responsible citizens of the world.


To impart higher education with multifaceted aspects, excelling the human resources in broader perspectives of national and global context.


The objectives of Rayat Shikshan  Sanstha’s, Shri Sadguru Gangageer Maharaj Science, Gautam Arts and Sanjivani Commerce College, Kopargaon are as follows:
      •    To provide higher educational opportunities, primarily to the                                     lower classes through the policy: education at their doors.
      •    To generate academically, physically, spiritually and sound                                       motivated graduates with awareness of importance of national                                 integration and social responsibilities.
      •    To develop the overall personality of the student.
      •    To impart education through self-help and dignity of labour.
      •    To promote women’s education.
      •    To promote a healthy atmosphere, corporate life and welfare of                                 the students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

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