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Department of Botany


  • Programme Outcomes

    • Students understand and apply the basic principles and rules of botanical nomenclature, and use taxonomic literature.

    • They understand methods of systematics, both traditional and modern. Students apply a working vocabulary used in description of plant structures.

    • Understand the history of classification, and recognize various systems of classifying angiosperms.

    • Recognize representatives of local flora. Apply proper herbarium methods - collecitng, mounting, and keeping records.

  • Establishment Details

    • Undergraduate: June 1972

    • Postgraduate:   June 2013

    • Research Centre: 2020

  • Courses Offered

        Programme Level                             Name of the Course                     Duration 

  •         Under Graduate                                        B.Sc.                                                     03 Years

  •         Post Graduate                                           M.Sc.                                                    02 Years  

  •         Short Term Course                          Certificate Course                                    03 Months

  •         Ph.D.

  • PO and PSO

  • Faculty Details

  • Research & Extension Activities

  • Seminars/ Conference/ workshops Organised

  • Awards

  • Other Activity Photo Gallery

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