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Department of Zoology


Programme Outcomes

  • An in depth understanding and awareness of relevant theories, paradigms, concepts and principles of zoology.

  • An understanding of the evolutionary history and main characteristics of the main animal groups.

  • An understanding of relationships between elements of animal biodiversity and the physical, biological, and cultural environment Comprehension of the structure, biogeography and diversity of ecosystems in relation to climate, geology, soils, palaeo-historical and evolutionary factors.

Establishment Details

  • Undergraduate- June 1970


Facilities Given to the Students

  • Well-equipped laboratories

  • ICT based teaching

  • Internet facilities

  • Departmental library etc.

Salient Features of the Department

  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff.

  • Cordial and hard-working non-teaching staff.

  • Dept. Engaged in Academic, Co-curricular and Curricular activities.

  • Excellent result every year.

  • Satisfactory placements of students.

  • Active research centre.

  • Well-developed Museum.


  • To develop interest of the students in life science and to make them aware of multidisciplinary approach of life science.


  • To help the students to learn and understand basic Zoology.

  • To develop employability, animal conservation strategies and environmental awareness among the students with the help of syllabus.


  • To motivate the students to learn and understand the Zoology subject.

  • To aware the students about importance of animal diversity and its   conservation.

  • To informed and trained the students about employability in applied Zoology.

Departmental Profile

Research Papers and Research Activities

 Extension activities


Student’s Progression &  Placement

Departmental Best Practice

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