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Services and Facilities

Library Rules


  • Identity Card is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facility.

  • Identity card will be issued by the librarian on presentation of admission receipt and photograph along with prescribed application form.

  • Duplicate Identity Card is issued after the payment of Rs 50/- along with the prescribed application form.

  • Misbehavior and misuse of Identity card is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action.

  • Reprography facility is available in the library for the students.

  • Suggestion box is kept in the library.  Constructive suggestions/complaints are entertained.

  • In case of any grievances, the users should contact the librarian.


Issue Section

  • Borrower’s Ticket is issued to every student If it is lost, duplicate borrower’s ticket will be issued on payment Rs. 05/- along with the prescribed application form.

  • Identity card and borrower’s tickets are non transferable.  These tickets shall be valid for one academic year.

  • Books issued on the borrower’s tickets can be retained with the reader for seven days.

  • Student can also borrow one extra book against his or her Identity card for the duration of seven/ two days.

  • Reference/rare books are not issued.  However they are made available in the library

  • Books and other reading materials borrowed by the reader are liable to recalled back at any time.

  • Overdue charges of Rs.1 per day will be charged for over dues.

  • Every reader using the library shall be responsible for its safe custody and return the book undamaged.  Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing or tearing pages will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.

  • Books for Competitive examinations such as MPSC, UPSC, MH-CET, NDA, and NET/SET are also issued.

Reading Room

  • ‘Study Room’ is kept open from 8.00 am. to 6.00 pm. on all working days. No admission is permitted in study room without identity card.

  • Indiscipline/misbehavior of the student will be liable for the disciplinary action.

Section of the Library Building

  • Administrative section .

  • Book processing.

  • Circulation counter

Seating Capacity

To inculcate reading habits among all students, The library provides reading room facility for both students.They are taking benefit of this facility.Various magazines and periodicals have been kept for the reading purpose of the students.


  1. Study room for faculty     ---        20 Seats

  2. Study room for boys         ---        100 Seats

  3. Study room for girls          ---        100 Seats

Library User’s Orientation or Information Literacy to new enrolled Student & Faculty

Literature Search

New Arrivals Display

     When the new books are received in the library, after its technical work is over, they are displayed in the New Arrival Board for seven days.  After this period, we lend these books to teachers and students for home reading.  We also send the list of new books to respective department to make them known the new additions.



POWER Backup

Previous Question Paper Reading Room Facility

Departmental Library

 We have issued books to various departments for departmental library. We have issued some reference books for departmental library.  This collection to the various departments will help the students to secure better result in the examination.

Subscription Details

Book selection:

     It has been customary for the faculty and students to take part in book selection n the College.  The library staff usually recommends general reference books and those materials not covered by departmental subject categories like books on library and information science etc.  Publishers and Vendors are increasingly providing electronic lists of titles available for purchase, printed catalogues and other printed announcements.  These are being forwarded to all Departments of the college from time to time.  Besides catalogues book reviews in important magazines and databases are also basis for recommendation of books for the library.  The library also circulates reviews of books to the Departments to keep them informed about new publications.

Book purchasing Procedure:

  1. The Faculty and students can recommend books and other publications for purchase to the Library.  It is desired that the list of books requested by the Faculty for purchase for each department is always routed though the respective Heads.  The requisitions of students can be approved by the concerned faulty and Heads.  It will be desirable that books relating to semester courses may be sent in with one clear semester notice.

  2. The Library would then check for duplication and place the list of recommended books before the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) for its review. Some very urgent requirements of books forwarded by the Heads of respective Departments may be purchased with them approval of Principal (Chairperson) of Library Advisory Committee or by circulation to LAC members.

  3. Once approved by the LAC for the purchase, library staff re-checks the library OPAC to eliminate any duplicate records etc.

  4. The Library then prepares the final list of books and obtains financial section for their acquisition from the principal as per financial power delegated to each authority.

  5. On the recommendation of the faculty the Library may purchase multiple copies of only those books which are found to be in great demand but not more than five copies of any book are procured

  6. The library will changed the earlier practice of ordering books through a selected list of approved vendors.  The library may now place order with any well recognized vendors register with federation of Publisher and Booksellers Association in India ( FPBSA)and Delhi state book sellers and publishers association.  The discount insisted upon would be a minimum of 20% on the printed/ publisher price.  The exceptions would be Government publications/ Institutional publication and nil discount items.  Also in some exception cases the vendors charge the library for handing on publisher’s demand.  In case of multivolume books and encyclopedia, efforts may be made to obtain higher discounts.  On the basis of service and past records the review of the suppliers will be done on annual basis.

  7. A system of online ordering of books and purchase of books by Faculty during their visits abroad has been introduced.  Whenever, the faculty are in need  books urgently, they may purchase books for the library from online book stores like, etc. using their own credit/debit cards after checking with the library about its non- availability and with due certification from the library to that effect.  Same procedure of obtaining approval and financial section from the appropriate authority will be followed.  They may also be authorized to purchase books on official foreign trips in similar way.  Such requests may be processed by circulation to LAC.  In such procurements discounts may or may not be available.  Sometimes courier/postage charges are also included.  The faculty may be reimbursed full amount paid on such transaction on the basis of credit/debit card statement and the bill generated through the online transaction.

Bill Processing

     Once the books are received in the Library along with the bills, the price of each book and discount rates are verified by the concerned staff in Acquisition Section.  Entry for each book is made in the Accession Register which has all the relevant details of a book like its price, publisher, vendor, year of publication etc.  Then the bills are processed for payment with the accession nos. entered against each item. The assist. Librarian, Acquisition Section certifies above procedure before forwarding bill to Accounts.  The bills are put up to the Librarian by In-charge, Library administration for expenditure sanction on the basis of approval y the competent authority

Subscription to Print/ e- Journals and online Databases:

  1. The department wise lists of Print/e-Journals are compiled and forwarded to respective Head of Departments before placing them in the Library Advisory committee meeting.

  2. Recommendations are received from all Departments to subscribe/renew the Print/e-Journals.

  3. After obtaining necessary approval and sanction from the competent authority, the Print/e-Journals are subscribe/ renewed through the subscription agents keeping in view their past service records.  Some Print/e-Journals are also ordered directly from the publishers.

  4. In case e-resources are not available through any consortium, publishers of e-resources are directly contacted for raising the invoice.

  5. Each print/e-journal is considered as a separate item in itself.  The payment for each Print/e-Journals is treated as Advance Payment.  The payment made from the budget head “Journals”.  For any other head such as UGC Grant etc

  1. Library Membership and Loan Period for Books

All the students, faculty members and non-teaching employees of the college are entitled to get the membership of the library.


Members of the library are as follows

  1. Student

  1. Senior       :           2868

  2. Junior       :            3424

  1. Teaching staff

  1. Senior       :             74

  2. Junior       :             85

  1. Non-Teaching      : 64

  1. Borrowing Facility

     The readers who wish to refer the books in the library are also admitted for the library facility.The loan of books, in terms of number of books and the loan period for number of different categories are given bellow.

Library Services

Circulation Section

  • The library issues identity cards and Borrower’s Tickets after the admission of the students.

  • Computerization book issuing .

  • Question Papers, Periodicals, textbooks are issued against their Identity cards.

  • Current Journals are displayed on display racks and issued against Identity cards.

Back volumes are bound together according to volume numbers.



1] Circulation section – Home lending

2] circulation section – Reading Room

3] Open Access Facility is provided to P.G. and U.G. students who participate in debating, essay writing competition or who wish to write something about a particular subject.Departmental visits are arranged by the various departments.

At that time students handle the books and take what they want.

ii) Faculty Members

1] Staff members can borrow books as per their need.

2] Inter-library loan facility is made available.

3] Open access facility.

b)  Book bank Scheme

      Textbooks are issued to the students through book-bank scheme.  Economically poor and needy students are given books through this scheme.

  1. Senior college- Books are issued to needy students as per his demands.

  2. Junior college- A set of text books are issued for the academic year.


Books for Comp. Exams

      We have purchased books useful for competitive Examinations.  There is a separate competitive Exam Centre in our college

Career Development Related Information Display and Notification


Digital Library Card Facility for students and staff             



Additional Books

     The students, who participate in various competitions like debating, essay or appear for competition examinations are given one more book against his or her Identity card.

 Membership to Non-Students

    Those pupils who are not our regular students but if they want to take benefit of our library are admitted as members, if they deposits Rs. 500/-

 Inter Library Loan Facility

     When the books or periodicals require by the teachers or students are not available in our library, the library makes available the books and the periodicals on ‘Inter-Library Loan’ basis for a limited time period.  This library also sends the reading material to other libraries according to their requirements on Inter-Library Loan basis.

Our Linkage to other libraries

1. P.V.P. College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pravarangar Loni (B.K.)

2. S.M.B.S.T.College of Arts , Science and Commerce,Sangamner.

3. R.B.N.B.College, Shrirampur.

4. Arts and Commerce College,Rahata.

5. K.J.S.Arts, Commerce and Science College,Kopargaon.

6. College of Engineering Kopargaon.

 Newspaper Clippings

     We have collection of newspaper clippings on various subjects like social problems, personality development and biographical information.  We provide such information to the staff members and students as per their demand.

Periodical Section

There is an independent periodical section in the library.We subscribe on various subjects.The periodical are displayed on display rack.Students take the periodicals for reading against their Identity card.


Reference Section

Our library has a rich reference section, which contains a wide range of collection join various subjects.These are Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Biographical and Geographical references, Yearbooks, Handbooks etc.Our students and staff refer these sources.

k)     New Arrivals

When the new books are received in the library, after its technical work is over, they are displayed in the New Arrival Board for seven days.  After this period, we lend these books to teachers and students for home reading.

Book Exhibition

To encourage and promote the reading habits among the students, the library organizes book exhibitions.At the time of book exhibitions the students personally see the books on various subjects and personalities.


 Compact Disc

We have CDs on various subjects like English language and literature, Geography, Entertainment, Education, etc.We issue these DCs to departments and group of students according to their demand.

Internet Facility

     We have developed NRC and IRC for faculty as well as students.  This facility is available to the students and teachers during the college house sand record is maintained by the NRC and IERC Centre.

Reprography Facility

     Reprography facility is available in the library to all students and staff members at a charge        of Rs. 1/- per copy and record is maintain by the library

Information Service

     The library renders following information services to the readers.

  1. Current awareness Services (CAS) e.g. currents, News Paper clippings

  2. Reference Service.


 Departmental Library

     We have issued books to various departmental for departmental library.  We have issued some references books for departmental library.  This collection to the various departments will help the students to secure better result in the examination.

Rare Book collection

As jour library is rich in collection, we have some rare books in various subjects. The scholars use these books for their further study in particular subjects.

Special Feature of the Library

  • Implementation of Barcode technology in the along with Computerized library cards to faculty and students.

  • Library collection is organized through Dewey Decimal Classification scheme which is internationally known and accepted scheme for library classification.

  • Facility of Internet for faculty and students of the college.

  • Institutional membership of N-list is provided to library users ( Staff & Student) For resource sharing.

  • Inter Library loan System with 6 colleges.

  • Guidance in respect to technical and organizational matters relating to libraries is extended, when asked for.

  • Lists of prominent books added to the library are circulated to concerned Departments of the college.

  • Library is a fully computerized and all record maintain by sing LIB-MAN library software.  Issue & Return of regarding material, multimedia provided by using computer.

  • Library commits to understand the teaching and learning needs of its users.

Extension Activity:

Book exhibition, User orientation Programme for Newly admitted students and appointed staff.

Library Facilities

  1. One extra book is given to top three meritorious students from each class.

  2. Additional books are issued to the students participating in elocution, reading and writing competition, MPSC, MH-CET examinations etc.

  3. Books of competitions are made available at the circulation section.

  4. Independent periodical section in the library.

  5. Study room facility to teachers, scholars and students.

  6. Reprography facility.

Contribution of the library Staff in Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities

  1. Assisting the students in exhibition.

  2. Paper cutting of important articles.

  3. Display of Wallpapers.

  4. Supply of books to various Debate, Essay and Oratory competition to the students.

  5. To notify changes in curriculum, if any, from time to time and develop the infrastructure of the library accordingly.

Future Plans

  • Library networking.

  • To involve in the National Network Programs like Information and Library Network (INFLIBET)

  • To automate the entire housekeeping activities of the library.

  • To provide Research cubicles to the staff & research students.

  • To increase current awareness services.

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