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Department of Chemistry


Programme Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the graduation in chemistry students are able to recognise and apply the principles of atomic and molecular structure to predict chemical properties and chemical reactivity.

  • Also students are able to employ critical thinking and scientific inquiry in the performance, design, interpretation and documentation of laboratory experiments, at a level suitable to succeed at an entry-level position in chemical industry or a chemistry graduate program.

  • Upon completion of a chemistry degree, chemistry majors are able to interpret and analyse quantitative data.

Establishment Details

  • Undergraduate: June 1965

  • Postgraduate (Organic Chemistry Division-I):June 1986

  • Research Center: June 1998

  • Postgraduate (Analytical Chemistry Division-I):June 2006

  • Postgraduate (Organic Chemistry Division-II):June 2020

  • Postgraduate (Analytical Chemistry Division-II):June 2020

Facilities Given to the Students

  • Computer Laboratory

  • Departmental Library

  • Research Laboratory

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