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Library at a Glance

  • About the Library

This library came into existence in June 1965 , (Established in ID. No. PU/AN/ASC/09/196 (1965)with the establishment OF SHREE SADGURU GANGAGIR MAHARAJ SCIENCE, GAUTAM ARTS & SANJIVANI COMMERCE COLLEGE KOPARGAON , DIST- AHEMEDNAGAR (MS)

Library is considered as an important part of the college which is the major learning resource for the student and staff.As per the changing time, role of library is also being changed.Advanced technology has been utilised by the library to provide library services.The main aim of library is to avail the various reading material and leaning resources to the students and work for the amusement and imbibe values in the readers by reading various autobiographies of great leaders.Students get inspirations and life-force for their future life by reading.

College Library has since its foundation endeavoured to reach high standards of excellence.The library stands out impressively as one enters the college premises and one finds it to be the center of the academic activities.The brief report that follows is an attempt to trace the growth of the library and present the various facilities it offers to students.

The college has well equipped up-to –date Library with varieties of books.More than are available in Library.Various periodicals of National and International repute have been available for the sake of all round development of students. of state and National level both in Marathi and English and on various disciplines are subscribed.

The college has undertaken computerisation of library with the help Lib-Man. ​Library building situated near main building of the institute.The total area of the library is 9135 sq. ft

Objectives of the Library

  •  To Provide necessary resources for research in fields of special interest to the research scholars.

  • To assist the college teachers in keeping abreast of development in his/her field.

  • To  provide library facilities and services necessary for the success of all formal programmes of instructions.

  • To open the doors to the wide world of books that lie beyond the borders of one’s own field of specialization.

  • To bring books, students and scholars together under condition which encourage reading for pleasure, self- discovery, personal growth and the sharpening of intellectual curiosity

  • To provide modern literature print or digital to the students to enhance their research ability.

Vision of the Library

Centre of the knowledge society in tune with the vision of college to infuse the reading culture, by inspiring the younger generation to inculcate the best of the best awareness of the information and knowledge, its access, delivery and use.To be the active partner in the progress of the quality education, research, consultancy and National development.

Mission of the Library

  • To integrate tradition with technology to suit to the changing nature of information/knowledge and the multifarious needs of the user’s community.

  • To adopt all emerging cutting edge technologies to harness the information irrespective of its location, language and other barriers.

  • To democratize the use of the information to reach the able and disabled, disabled equally by organizing information literacy programs.

  • To network all information resources and centers to serve the cause of multifarious needs of the users community.

  • To share the resources of all types irrespective format, languages and distance by becoming the partner in consortia mode of information access and delivery.

  • To create congenial atmosphere to compel attention, of user community to explore and exploit the collected information resources as well as the infrastructure.

  • To provide need based services to imbibe the consciousness, value inculcation and to form a lifelong learning centre of the knowledge society.

Library Timing.

  • Office Hours

Monday to Saturday 08:00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m

Sunday weekly holiday.

  • Circulation Hours

Monday to Saturday 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m

  • Reading Room Hours

Girls: 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 P.M

Boys : 08.00. To 06.00 P.M

Total Holdings of the Library

Total No. of Sr. college collection

  1. Senior College      :           22424

  2. Sr. Text Book        :           53879

  3. P.G.                       :           16467

           Total Sr. College Books   :     92770

No. Of Reference books :     38891

No. of Text books      :           53879

No. of Titles                :           43870

Periodicals :

  1. Periodicals             :           97

  2. News Papers          :           15


  1. N-List (INFLIBNET)       :           E-Database

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